We are Get Funky, a dynamic Funk and Disco band of 3 years playing around the South East. We are a 6-piece band comprising of Drums, Bass, Keys, Guitar and 2 singers, but can also work as a 3, 4 and 5-piece band if required. We are all experienced musicians that have been in many different bands over the years. But as time went by we all found ourselves feeling unsatisfied somehow, like something was missing from the gigs that we were playing. So what was that something? It was Funk!

The great think about Funk and Disco music is that it’s impossible not to dance to it. It's flamboyant, indulgent, groovy, fun, stylish, cool and sexy and makes people just want to get up and strut their stuff. There is nothing more satisfying for a band to see its audience dancing and really getting in to it. That’s what it’s all about! So each one of us, individually decided to join a funk band. And that is the story of how we, the band members of Get Funky came together to form this group.

We are as passionate about this band as we are about this genre and this shines through in all our performances. So no matter what the event. If you are looking for live dance music that will add some dynamite to your evening. Then book us now, and we guarantee to funk up your party!

Ritchie Stewart lead singer

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Ritchie Stewart


Astrid Sloan backing singer

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Astrid Sloan


Robin Lee bass player

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Robin Lee


Euan Thomas Grout guitarist player

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Euan Thomas


Ian Green pianist

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Ian Green


Nick Ribeiro drummer

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Nick Ribeiro


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